Saturday, 19 January 2013

Blog From The Dog House, We Got A Prize!

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 1

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again!

Wow, look what came in the mail for me this week. Every Saturday The Teachers Pet has a silly caption contest. Sign up here and why not join in, it’s great fun. Anyways we won and look what came all the way from across the pond.

I think it requires an immediate inspection?

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 2

I think I can smell foodables?

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 3

Periscope down I am diving in. I may be some time!

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 4

Some cool pencils for my writing. Wow do you like my geisha girl look? Have I got something on my nose?

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 5

Periscope down, I am diving in again!

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 6

Now what have we here….some cool stickers and more stuff.

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 7

Periscope down this one is going to be a deep dive. Steady now I don’t want to get the bends.

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 8

Yea some water bombs. Squirrels, I am going to have so much fun.

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 9

Hang on a minute what is those things all over my face? Have I got spots?

Molly Hello Doctor help, I have the plague. Can you come over right away?
Doctor What seems to be the problem?
Molly I have huge spots all over my face.
Doctor What do these spots look like? Are they red?
Molly No they are multi-coloured spots and they got writing on them.
Doctor Are you sure?
Molly Yes I am sure. I can see them in the mirror.
Doctor This is a busy practice and we don’t have time for silly calls.

Drats they just hung up on me!

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 10

What is a dog to do? I know how about some of those yummy biscuits? That will make me feel better.

Molly The Wally Has Won A Prize Again! 11

I think that will do the trick. Thank you April & Daisy for my lovely prize. Sign up here and why not join in and you too can win some cool prizes with yummy FOODABLES!


  1. Miz Molly, you have a case of the CUTE. Yes, it is an ACUTE condition, caused by too much charm, more charm, and then excessive charm. YOU ARE A GONER MY DEAR...prognosis? YOU WILL LIVE in my heart forever.

    YUM YUM!!!

  2. Oh Molly, you look hilarious BOL..will sign up :) Looks great fun. Have a super weekend. Our bit of snow has gone xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Hey spotty polka dottie Molly!

    I can't believe that Dr. hung up on you. Hard to believe he thought it was a joke! Oh, what do they know....

    Congrat's on winning the prize! That is soooo exciting. And you got some really great prezzies from winning.

    Hope your face returns to normal soon.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. Prizes are always great! Oh maybe that aren't points? Looks like jumping beans to me ;o) Better you call Dr. House or Dr. No... Have a wonderful weekend ;o)

  5. I think you have a case of the multi-colored measles! I can't believe your doctor wouldn't help you.


  6. MOLLY you have technicolor chicken pox but the good news is ... It is easily cured w a dip in the tub
    Madi your bfff

  7. I like your geisha girl look, it's very oriental and I thought the first dot was your mole because moles make geisha girl look more attractive.

  8. Oh my dear Molly! You are too funny! I never thought that the pencils would serve as part of your Geisha girl costume but you managed to be clever once again. I'm sure the spots on your face will go away one day too! Love that you loved the biscuits too! Thank you for mentioning me and sending people over to pawticipate in the Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest! Congratulations on your win!

  9. Congrats on the win. I love the Silly Caption Contest. The spots will go away over time, or a bath. I'd go for the over time method.

  10. Great prize! Have a great day!

  11. Did I just lose my comment somehow? I just shared your post to my Facebook friends! Thank you for making us feel so thanked! We feel famous!

  12. Hmmm those stickers are quite becomming!
    Congrats on winning the prize :)
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  13. oh my CAT, we didn't think doctors was ALLOWED to hang up on you - How ruuuuuude!
    We prescribe....more FOODABLES. We're sure that'll do the trick with those spots. Yessir.

  14. you're so cute, molly. and, yes, my dogs will chase coyotes (and unfortunately the coyotes will come after my dogs if they're out by themselves). they've gotten into several bad scrapes with them.

  15. Wowzers, congratulations, Molly! I hope those spots weren't an allergic reaction to the foodables! Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  16. Congratulations on your prize....except maybe the spots. Wear them in good health....BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  17. Congratulations on your prize, Molly! We think you look good with those colorful spots. :)

  18. Congratulations Molly, you deserve to win a prize.

    I hope my Cussin FRANCINE doesn't see your GEISHA Look... she will be on that like a Squirrel on a Tree.
    I do believe that a SNACK would CURE those Spots!! Sorry that the Dogtor hung up on you.

  20. Congratulations on this very neat prize, Molly! I hope those funny spots go away soon -- you may need more biscuits :)

  21. Were you playing 'spot the dog' Molly? these doctors just don't have your sense of humour. How lovely for you to get your very own post and goodies. Betty x

  22. too funny!! congratulations! We have won before too but never had all of those stickers lol

  23. Congratulations on your prize. I hope those spots go away and are not contagious. They actually look quite attractive on you.

    Loveys Sasha

  24. Oh no - it isn't the measles is it? Chicken pox? Can you get a vaccination for stickers??

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. Ah, Molly. You look so pretty in pink!

    And yellow and purple and blue. :p


  26. Congrats on your prize Molly - what a pawsome pressie to find in the post. The spots suit you so I wouldn't worry about going to the doctors *waggy tail*

  27. Ouch! Hope they don't hurt when they have to pull them off.

  28. Hehehe, I love the pox look Molly! Beautiful colors that kind of remind me of those Skittles commercials! ;-) Congratulations on winning your awesome prize! I hope that those biscuits are delicious! :-D

  29. Molly you are so cute! What a wonderful thing to win a prize, and it looks like you had lots of fun nosing around in that big envelope! Have a wonderful weekend xoxox

  30. Oh, Molly! You certainly deserve those foodables and stickers and pencils! You've got such a great imagination! By the way, try peeling off your plague spots, it might work better that way!

  31. Well done Molly - that was a great bit of post to receive. Oh my, though - what your mom puts you through. Pencils in the hair, spots all over the face - you are one mighty tolerant doggy

  32. I thought for a bit you had the measles or something... all those spots! O_O

    Well done, Mate! :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  33. *BOL* congrats Mols ... thankfully those spots aren't contagious!
    Wally & Sammy

  34. BOL Molly your Drs are so rude!! Hope those biscuits make you feel better:-)

  35. LMBO, great prize you won and you sure look like you had fun getting the goods out of the envelope.

  36. boy Molly, when you puts your head to it, you can accomplish anything! Especially finding treats. Good works friend!


  37. Molly, congratulations on winning all those fun prizes! We hope you got those stickers off. Wrigs says packages with biscuits in them are the BEST!

    Susan and Wrigs