Monday, 28 January 2013

Flog It Blog It, A Tuning Fork & A Snack Attack!

Molly The Wally Does Japan!

A Talking Fork & Molly The Wally Brings You Her Top Ten Snacks From Japan!

First they made the talking toilet that and now from the land of the rising sun we have the fork that talks. Perfect if you find mealtimes a little boring. The EsTheremine is a fork that likes to play sounds as you eat. It can distinguish between different types of eating. For example when licking it produces the word 'pakupaku'. The sounds are apparently generated by the resistance value of the food. If food is bitten off, the fork produces a sound similar to a chicken clucking. When eating a piece of tempura the fork proclaims ‘Garigori’ and ‘shori’ while a stick of cheese produces the word ‘Paku’. The electronic talking fork it is certainly a novel way of livening up meal times. I know people who can make all sorts of funny noises when they eat without the use of any gadgets.

Now to go with the fork we thought we’d have a look at snacks Japan style.

Firstly we have candied squid. Being a collection of islands you’d expect the diet to include many foodables that come from the sea and the Japanese do not disappoint. If it swims, floats or even sinks they will eat it. They even eat Fugu the fish so poisonous it will kill you if not prepared properly. So should we be surprised that candy squid is a popular snack? It even comes in mouth watering flavours such as Cod Roe and Spicy Korean Cabbage. Meow one for our feline friends we think.

Need something to wash the candied squid done with? Why not try a cheese flavoured drink? Made by NEEDS a cheese factory based in Hokkaido, the drink was allegedly produced to raise awareness of cheese in Japan. Available in berry, yuzu citrus and plain flavours, steps have been taken to cut down on sweetness, securing you a salty cheese sensation throughout the entire drink. We are looking forward to the Gorgonzola and Stilton versions. 

Named Otoko Kaoru which translates as ‘Man Smelling Sweetly’ this we think is only for the very brave or very stupid. It is actually a brand of chewing gum that makes your sweat, smell like roses.
Next we will see pheromone inducing substances hitting the market soon or maybe we can expect a road-kill variety or Squirrel Sweat Gum? Can’t wait!

OK we have an innocent biscuit snack in the shape of small tubes filled with cream. But why name this snack ‘Collon’? Produced by Glico, the biggest candy company in Japan they are very popular. We believe you Gilco, one collon-oscopy please!

Now we have seen it all with the curry lemonade. Together at last curry and lemons, that classic combination! Why have waited so long for this concoction to hit the market I hear you ask? Imagine a Vindaloo version? Yep it really would be visit the loo with Vinda-LOO!

Now you thought that was bad but how about a bottle of placenta? Want to try the ‘Placenta 10000 Jelly Drink’? Jelly drinks are strange enough but Placenta 10000 isn’t just unfortunately named, it contains actual pig placenta. Apparently it is good for you and tastes like hmmm Lord knows I haven’t tried it.

Yes it is Pepsi but don’t forget we are visiting Japan today and we need a gimmick in the land of the rising sun. So they came up with shiso (not shito) yogurt and cucumber flavours. Shiso is like a cross between basil and mint. Coca Cola in Japan even have a brand water over there which may be a little bland for the Japanese palate by the looks of things. They could come up with more desirable flavours we think, like squirrel blood. Should be a real hit we think.

Ok the wasps in these biscuits are already dead but yikes how can you put something that stings you into your mouth? I am totally freaked out with these! Next they will bring out a scorpion or hornet version. Just so wrong and who on earth came up with the idea? Yes loads of wasps were hurt in the making of this product.  I certainly would not like to work in that factory!

Need a pick me up? The ‘Surging Eel’ fizzy drink is a carbonated yellow liquid made out of yikes eel. We know eel is a delicacy in Japan, but bottling and selling it as a soft drink has to be a step too far? Considered the first mass produced eel drink in Japan (and possibly the world), the yellow coloured drink contains extracts of the eels’ head and bones along with vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E. We suppose it is r-eel-ly good. 

Now lastly we bring you ox tongue, horse, chicken wing and octopus flavoured ice-creams. Hay no kidding! Where on earth did they think those up from? Also available are fish, squid, shrimp, crab and yes eel. Could there be anything worse we hear you ask? How about raw horse flesh ice-cream? Neigh we hear you say! Straight from the horses’ mouth this has to be the most disgusting thing we have ever come across. So get out a can of dog food and mix it with some plain ice-cream and sit back and enjoy. From the land of the rising sun, have a great day.

Tomorrow we take a look at ‘Health & Beauty’ Japanese Style!!!!!!!

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  1. Molly that's awful, a bottle of placenta..Yikes..Have a wonderful Monday xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. But this country is the heaven on Earth! This last Horse- flesh-ice sounds very tasty to my dog ears and I thought English people eat strange stuff! :) mum is shaking her head and can't believe it is true!
    Thank you for sharing this information with us!
    Nice regards
    Arno (at the moment much more hungry than usually...)

  3. Is this for real? Get those wasps away from Mom! She is allergic to them! Don't think I ever want to visit Japan!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  4. Well, those were all pretty gross! I was about to have breakfast...but I think I'll skip it today!

  5. I don't think we'd like anything off of that menu Molly! Way too strange for us. We'll stick to water and milk bones thank you :)

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. OMDs Molly if I ate those bee cookies I'd need a bunch of the cucumber Pepsi!!
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  7. Wow....very mysterious country, we'd like to see all these strange things in true ! LOL
    Flo, Nana, and Uyanga.

  8. H O L Y M A C K E R E L........

    I was in Japan years ago and encountered some "interesting" tastes, but NOT LIKE THIS!!!!!!! OH MOLLY, your photo makes me laugh so darn loud, I fear I will wake up the inhabitants of my household!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love ya. That's all there is too it. You bring the goulish, the fantastic, the strange, the macabre all together in one FUNNNNNNN PACKAGE! teehee

  9. Great post - now I'm working on my easter-wishlist. I want the talking toilet (honestly that's THE must have), the Pepsi and the octopus-ice cream (mabe they have one with lobsters too?). Have a wonderful Monday Molly - and Thanks for your help with the circus - think I'm updated now. And please tell me my fortune and maybe the lottery numbers - for the talking toilet - I need it for a cultivated conversation ;o)

  10. Ewwwww! Those sound repulsive! Placenta? Surging eel? Wasp biscuits? *shudder* There is one Japanese snack that is actually delicious: Pocky Sticks. That fork is quite strange. Not sure why anyone would want that!

    Susan and Wrigs

    P.S. Lovely photo of you today!

  11. Hi Molly,

    No wonder they all so stick thin, not surprised if thats on the menu,not sure which is more stomach chunning eidable collon snacks washed down with a pint of palcenta or unhappy wasps snaps drunk with a fizzy eel!YUK

  12. Wow, my friend lives in Tokyo and I'm going to ask her what they are thinking eating all of that. Candied squid? Yuck!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  13. Different strokes for different folks. So true.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  14. I'm not real sure about that talking fork thing, but I am sure that I sure am hungry now!

  15. Oh my! I don't know about all of this....I will NOT eat those bees....for sure!

  16. Now my dry kibbles does not seem so bad. And that was my MOM who said that. hehehhe

  17. Mom's not feeling so good now.

  18. not very appetizing. i did chuckle at the chewing gum.

  19. Good Grief!! Now Ernie might go fur some of that Squirrel Sweat making Gum... since his ROXY lives Down Under where they don't HAVE squirrels. She might be even MORE attracted to him if his sweat smelled like squirrel.
    We DID hear about that FORK thingy on the news though. Peeps will make ANYTHINGY if they think they can sell it.

  20. OMD...Pleeeze x-cuse me while I run out and get sick....really really sick! As fur the fork.....who can eat and listen to it talk after hearing bout all dat other stuff!


  21. Hmm...very interesting. Riley says she'll stick to kibble. And I'll stick to good old US of A foods!!! :)

    Elyse and Riley

  22. OH MY! Those wasp biscuits are going to give me nightmares.


  23. They have some fantastic flavours of kit-kat that we don't get in the West. We think we will stick with those thanks!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  24. Think I'll keep to my dry biscuits and the occasional fish supper!

  25. Holy macaroni Molly what next!
    Benny & Lily

  26. Oh my woof!
    I'm a dog, and I find that GROSS!
    Actually, I've got a good pun for the wasp biscuits....
    Hahaha! Laughing my tail of at my own sad joke. Sad.
    At pet shops where I live, they sell doggie ice cream though, flavoured with stuff like beef, chicken and pork!
    Pip :)

  27. Uh... pretty sure that we've licked our backsides and had a better taste in our mouths than what those things would leave.

    Just ewwwww

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  28. You know Wally, we PUGS eat almost everything BUT there is NOTHING on this page that I would eat. Really.
    Love Noodles

  29. My hoomin friend buys stuff at Japanese stores sometimes. She says they are mostly nice. The shampoo is okay. She does not want to eat the bugs. Me either. :) Kthx. {{{Molly}}}

  30. We'll pass, Molly! Wasp cookies? haha

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  31. EURGHHHH!! Nows i think it's safe to say Japanese people eat some really WEIRD things!! Although i bets those cookies still taste pretty good ;) Who doesn't want to replace there chocolate chips with wasps, i bet it puts a real sting to the flavor (yes, i do realize how bad that was BOL)
    Love Milo :)

  32. Roooo where do you find all this stuff? It smells worse than garbage collection day *Waggy tail*

  33. Wowee Molly, our taste buds don't really know what to think!


  34. Mom says she would be more successful on her diet with those kinds of snacks!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  35. Thank you for this wonderful blog. Now I can cross going to Japan off my bucket list.

  36. Molly you got my nose!Isn't it cute? Momz sez she buys it fur me cuz she likes it so much...Those foodables is too weird fur this scruffy terrier...Wonder if the Japanese dawgs will eat them?

  37. There are lots of good things and bad things to eat in Japan, all of which you can likely get from a vending machine. Happy Monday.

  38. Do you know if the ice cream comes in tuna flavor Molly? We could go for that. The cod roe might not be too bad either. But we are all, including our Mama, grossing out over the wasp biscuit. Can you imagine eating it ..... yum, ouch, ouch, yum, ouch, throwing up!

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  39. Oh my goodness! I would love to visit Japan but hope they have more than just these foodables to choose from.... I wonder how popular these things really are over there lol.

  40. Interesting foods. So how would you like to be the taste testers for the poisonous fish? Wonder how many they went through perfecting the recipe? :)

  41. Yuk Molly,

    That stuff is scary!! Think I'm gonna stick to my kibble - can't even believe I'm saying that, see how bad it is?! :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  42. Hey Molly!
    Wow, I might never look at foodables the same way again! BLECH with a capital B! Drinkable cheese, horsie ice cream, oh I might go GACK! Mom's on the floor all passed-out. Even Dad said gross.
    BTW: Great pix of you at the top!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  43. WOW! That's quite a list you've put together there. For the first time ever I think I am OK that my parents won't let me fly. They might take me there and make me try some of that stuff! Think I'll stick with my kibble!

  44. Nossa! Que comidas esquisitas!
    Eu nunca comeria aquele biscoito com vespas! eca!!
    Mas eu adoraria ter aquele garfo! kkkkk

    Beijos Molly e divertida semana pra você!!!!

  45. We just lost our appetite...for the week. Great post for those trying to drop a few pounds...BOL!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  46. I have to say, there are several items there that I would dearly love to roll in! Eat, no. Roll in? You betcha!
    Play bows,

  47. I think that selection could put a glutton off his food!