Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Flog It Blog It, Bizarre Japanese Beauty Gadgets!

Molly The Wally Does Japan!

Molly The Wally Brings You Her Top Ten Japanese Beauty Gadgets! 

Yesterday we gave you snacks and today continuing our visit to the land of the rising sun we bring you beauty Japanese style of course!

How about the 'Beauty Nose'? Wear one of these for five minutes a day and you will have a more pointy nose. Wear it too much and you will look like Witchy Poo! You may also find that you can't smell anything, it hurts and you look daft. Nevermind the fact that people might ask you why you have a plastic butterfly on the end of your nose? Hmmm you can try this at home with a clothes peg!

If you are feeling flush why not upgrade to the' Beauty Lift High Nose'? This gives off electric vibrations which will help create the perfect profile.  You need to wear this for three minutes a day. Not only does it cover half your face like something out of Aliens or a gruesome torture device the electrical buzzing will keep yesterdays’ wasp biscuits at the forefront of your mind all day, just when you thought you’d forgotten about them. 

What about the Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle glasses? Made out of silicone these goggles are supposed to apply gentle pressure on the skin pushing those sagging eyes back up to where they once were!" Cheaper than Botox and you can always wear them when you are driving and pretend you are ‘Joe 90’.

Why not go out and purchase the ‘Beauty Voice Trainer’?  It is a mouthpiece that trains your voice to maximize your full vocal potential while singing. Great for preparing for that karaoke night and when not in use can double up as an adult dummy.

One for Hannibal Lecter here! We bring you the 'Kogao Smile Lines Face Belt'. Keep those smile wrinkles away from your face. It comes in a nice pink and grey combo. Clearly designed for women but we are sure men can enjoy its professed benefits too. More effective and cheaper don’t smile in the first place. This can be easily achieved by chewing on a wasp biscuit. 

Fans of Iron Maiden, collectors of armour or members of ‘The Spanish Inquisition’ will love this device. The ‘Akaishi Aluminum Facial Spa’ offers a steam facial in the comfort of your own home. So much better than just putting your face over a steaming bowl of hot water. When you are finished using it just give it a quick rinse to clean it! Avoid cleaning it in a washing machine or dish washer.  Only side- effect is you look like you've escaped from a mental asylum or the set of Dr.Who. 

No, these are not straight out of a packet of ‘Liquorice Allsorts’!  For those of us who love a workout you can now do it in front of the TV with the ‘Lower Stomach Beauty Trainer’. Rolling your legs back and forth, twisting your waistline, is probably really great for your body. Oink oink the exercise cushion looks like a pigs’ nose. Who wants to put their feet in Miss Piggys’ nostrils? A real Snout Workout!

If you work at a desk all day and fear the butt spread then invest in the ‘Beauty Bottom Shaping Cushion’. This chair cushion will ensure that your bottom muscles become taut whilst it sculpts, tightens and tones. Just what your average couch potato needs. Now you can work-out whilst chilling out. 

Edward Scissor Hands eat your heart out! Wow those inventive people at Akaishi have been at it again! Now they bring you the ‘Akaishi Facial Massager’. Would pushing tiny rollers along your face combat sagging and wrinkles? We don’t think so.  Using four extensions and eight rollers this great design fits the facial curves perfectly. Use for ten minutes at a time for a younger face but be careful you don’t poke your eyes out. 

And lastly we have the only useful gadget we could find. We bring you the ‘Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exerciser’. They say that signs of ageing are most visible on the neck and hands so just use the chin pump. Squeeze the pump for up to three minutes a day and watch those wrinkles disappear.  Pop it under the chin of the old man when he is watching TV and he will never fall asleep and start snoring during your favourite program again. Great for those boring meetings! Told you at last we found a gadget that was useful. From the land of the rising sun, have a great day.

Tomorrow we take a look at toys from Japan.


  1. Hmmm, wonder if they really work?
    Mum might buy ALL of them LOL!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  2. That nose thing looks painful!

  3. Molly, Molly, Molly.... Mommy said that when you're done trying all of these out, please send them her way. (Believe me she could use them all!) We're not too sure about the nose clip tho, that one might really hurt.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. My those are intresting, I knew Japan was into beauty product but I am surprised

    urban hounds

  5. Oh my, they have no idea..LOL love the seat pad though..Have a wonderful Tuesday Molly and Mom xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. I loves the butt cushion! As my butt is one of my best features, I will use it to keep it that way!!! BOL!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. Very bizarre, but also entertaining!

  8. GOOD GOLLY MIZ MOLLY, your travel expenses must be enormous! BUT look at the quality of journalism that we get! YOU GO TO THE SOURCE, right to the horse's mouth! teeheee

    I HAVE GOT to show my husband this post; interestingly enough, we have BOTH taught Japanese college students (I taught the English) and they all comment on how they admire "American noses" to be refined...now I see they have a gadget to attempt to reshape the nose! Dear Lord, we are all beautiful in your sight!

    LOVE YA!

  9. All this for what some "think" is beautiful. Sad.

  10. We want to know who designs these things. Looking forward to the toys tomorrow. Thanks for bringing back good memories of the Lady's time in Japan.

  11. BAWHAWHAAA that looks like the equipment of the chamber of torture for me ;o) We bought such a thingy-the epicare hair removal - painful for mom - but funny for me and dad. I never thought how much fun you'll get for $2.99 ;o) Have a beautiful tuesday ;o)

  12. Oh my, that nose thing looks like one big ouchie!

  13. Those are something else!
    Have a fun day
    Benny & Lily

  14. i think i need the glasses - and maybe the chin exerciser.

  15. Mom says I need the mask...it will keep me from eating too much.
    But I want the butterfly!!
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  16. Hahahaha! Mommy is often amused by the things the Japanese come up with.

  17. What we must do for beauty. I don't think these things would even work. Looks like "fun".

  18. Absolutely hilarious! I would quite like a bottom shaping cushion for the car - it has to be a less effortful form of exercise than doing numerous bottom clenches at traffic lights!

  19. Oh DOG!!! Those are scarier than the FOOD!!!
    Love Noodles

  20. Mom has a really sore back today and said that pig snout thing makes her want to scream just looking at it. I think she's about due for another pain killer. Woo.

  21. Ooooo I love all these gadgets! Hahaha, especially the Hannibal one and the Licorice Allsort one (um, nummy)! Crazinesses! ;-D

  22. Wow! These are some interesting contraptions!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  23. Hi Molly, I'll forget about those torture gadgets, I'll just book mum into a simple nip and tuck at the vets, fast results without having an accident at home with those Spanish inquisition beauty toys!

  24. Yikes... All of those look very painful. I think beauty is overrated if you have to go through that....

    Have a great day....

    hugs, Max

  25. BOL Molly you never fail to make me laugh, can't wait for tomorrows!!
    Love Milo :)

  26. Interesting gadgets. Glad I live in the US

  27. Whoa, some weird gadgets!

    Your Snowy pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  28. Wow! Those are some interesting gadgets, Molly! One big difference between dogs and people is that dogs don't need a single thing to be more beautiful. :-)

    Susan and Wrigs

  29. MOL!!!
    FaRADaY: Mommy needs the wrinkle stuff. Like, BAD.
    Maxwell: Dood, you do NOT get treats by saying stuff like that. Seriously.
    Allie: *prim voice* Mother always said that if spot reducing worked, people who chewed gum would have skinny faces, so THERE! *giggle!*

  30. Where on earth do you find these Molly? Momz wants one of those butt shaper pillows (she may not want it exactly but she sure does need it BOL!) She does have a Japanese toe stretcher that she found at the Dollar Store and couldn't pass up

  31. Hi Molly...submitted a comment twice but Blogger doesn't like me today...sorry if there's a duplicate

  32. Ernie and I hope that none of these GADGETS catch on with the wimmen of Blogville. WE think they are kinda SCARY.

  33. Where do you come up with this stuff, Molly? haha

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  34. I'm half interested and half laughing!

  35. hahaha
    É cada coisa que inventam não é mesmo?!

    Beijos Molly *-*

  36. Japanese gadgets that even Japanese people don't know !;0))
    Hahaha !

  37. I think I will just be me. That is some crazy stuff.

    Loveys Sasha

  38. Between and the toys, there sure are some odd things available in Japan...lol.

  39. We hope that mom doesn't see these... she already spends like 40+ minutes a day moisturizing so she doesn't get too old too quick.. she'd never leave the house if she had all this stuff!!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,