Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dog House Blog, The Postman Always Rings Twice!

Molly The Wally Gets A Package From Brian The Cat!

During Christmas if you remember we had a run in with the post office with regards to a package (if you missed it you can find it here). Well guess what? Yep it has happened again. Yes the postman always rings twice in our house but always when we are out. We eventually received a package from the lovely Mantastic Mancat Brian who you can find over here. Look at the brilliant things Brian sent me.

Molly The Wally Gets A Package From Brian The Cat!

The book Animal Wise. I will be educating my peeps so she can cater to my every whim. Hey peeps look into my eyes and tell me what you see. Hunger, fool, hunger! Get me a snack toot sweet!

Molly The Wally Gets A Package From Brian The Cat!

Some fake snow which I made into a costume. I am the abominable snowman.

Molly The Wally Gets A Package From Brian The Cat!

And the best my squeaky dragon. Thank you so much Brian. As for the post office the letter below is winging its’ way to Customer Care as you read.

To Post Office® Customer Care,
PO Box 740,
S73 0ZJ. 

Molly (The Wally) Fridli
Blah Blah Blah
My Pad
Squirrel Free Zone

March 27th 2013.

Dear Sir/Madam

We seem to be experiencing problems regarding our post. A package was delivered to us on Monday the 18th of March but we were out so we missed it. I sent my servant assistant with what documentation I have to collect my package. The sorting office at Venn Street refused. They redelivered it on Thursday 21st but after waiting in all day I had to go out. Again we missed it as it arrived at 5.45pm. Saturday I sent my servant assistant to Venn Street again and once more we were refused. The package was delivered again on Monday 25th. I have to say this really is causing massive inconvenience to me. I have important things to do like catching squirrels. I do not understand what documentation you expect from me as I am a dog. Through my blog I have many international friends who sometimes send me mail and packages. This is not the first time we have had such problems. Christmas was a nightmare (not that we have anything against mares). I am particularly upset as you well know dogs and cats are not supposed to get on. This package is special to me for two reasons. One it is a book all about understanding animals which I hope my servant assistant will read. Education can never be overrated. Secondly it was sent by my good friend a cat from Simpsonville SC in US and no his name is not Homer it is Brian. I enclose what documentation I have. Please can you advise me as to what I am supposed to do to ensure I get my post from the Royal Mail? I bet the corgis don’t have such problems? Please be so kind as to respond as my servant assistant is at a loss as what to do. I will promise to refrain from biting and shredding the post until I get a reply from you.

Yours Sincerely Molly The Wally.
My Documentation.

Molly The Wally Passport!

We will let you know if we get a reply and again thank you Mantastic Mancat Brian who you can find over here.

Scotsmad here has just posted a brilliant idea in my comments. Please leave me a reference and I shall print them out and send them to customer services. 


  1. We nearly had the same problem with a package to Roxy!!! Luckily, SHE knows the post office people so they let her have it. We don't have passports though.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Maybe we can write references for you.

  2. Hi Molly,

    it's me Cosimo from Italy!! sorry if I didn't wrote on your blog very often, but i have been quite busy these last times!! but your blog is really great and you are such a nice dog!! you know I love nice female dogs sooooo much!! hehe, i am a really italian Casanova!!
    I wish you HAPPY EASTERN or as we say in italy: BUONA PASQUA!!!

    Cosimo your italian friend!!

  3. HERE HERE! Miz Molly, you tell 'em! The post is notorious for sending damaged goods to my place! I have had TWO European packages delivered to my doorstep mangled and destroyed!

    You are a bold and no-nonsense kinda gal! Pretty too, may I add. You look so darling in your styrofoam necklace! teehee

  4. Hmmm that is a storage post office you have.....we get mail all the time and never have any trouble with it even though it is addressed to cowspotdogs

  5. That is just crazy! My postal delivery person knows me and always smiles a laughs when he hands me my boxes or letters. Then he drives away shaking his head. hahhha. But Brian sure got you some very cool things. I hope the book comes in handy.

  6. Oh Molly, we're so glad you FINALLY got your package. That's such a disgrace by the postal service.

    Your letter to them was very well written and hopefully shall capture their attention at once. If they do not respond back to you, just leave them some "presents" on their doorstep.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. That's the coolest stuffed dragon I've ever seen. Love that its pink too! Brian sure was nice to send you all that stuff, especially the book that'll help your servant... err... assisstant better understand your needs (like treats all the time).

    We had the same problem with my moms iPhone 5. They tried delivering it three times during work hours. Of course nobody's home!! Now we have to drive across town to pick it up. I bet if someone invented a weekend mailing/delivery company, it would prosper!!

  8. Woof! Woof! Oh Molly silly them ... but at least you got it. And its not only you we also have issues getting mails too. Oh well. I heard that book is good. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. That looks like a super great package!

    Molly- I am not receiving your notifications anymore :-( That's why I did not visit in such a long time. Well, also because of my human's busyness. I kept seeing you commenting on my bloggie - thank you! - but I did not see any notification from your bloggie. Now that my human is here to help, we checked my email and we have none from your bloggie in years (okay maybe in weeks). Nothing in the spam either. I tried subscribing again but it says I am already subscribed. Thought I would let you know. I hope I'm the only one!


  10. We are so glad that you FINALLY got your pressie package... it is WONDERFUL.
    HERE our Post Office peeps know US better than they know our mom and dad!!!
    We once got a package that was just addressed to Frankie Corning, OH..
    No real addy just MY NAME and My TOWN. Not even my Last Name (Furter)

  11. BOL! Again!! Well, I am really glad you got your package! What a good one! I sent you an email about Sunday - thanks for letting me know!

  12. You really do have some serious postal problems!


  13. MOL Molly...thank goodness you have a picture ID now.
    Boy your postal service is a bit picky. Over here mail is delivered to the address...not the name on the parcel.
    Which is good since I get mail addressed to Queen Madi or Her Mayoress Madi. Hugs Madi your BFFF

  14. Not to worry, I've had the same problem as you guys did! Christmas was a ball. The mailman had to return a couple of times because of the mails that came in. The people living here didn't take the mail from him because no "Chooey" lived here... Well, DUH!! She lived on the 2nd floor!

    P.S. No more huggies and cheese from now on.

  15. That was some package. We're surprised the dragon survived the trip.
    Benny & Lily

  16. glad you finally got all your cool stuff! what a mess!

  17. I'm lucky Molly...My post lady Pamela is my furriends (she calls out "hello" to me every day & left me a Christmas prezzie) so I gets all my impawtant packages right away...she even waits while I openz them to see what kewl stuff I get...You need to get a new post person

  18. Oh poor Molly... we had the same thing at christmas. The post-guy always forgets my name, for him I'm "THE BRAQUE" (phonetic: le brrrrrack). Maybe you should hang your documentation on your door in poster size?

  19. Oh, those posties....always mucking things up, never taking responsibility and then "going postal" when you point out their ineptitude. Good grief. I, thankfully, never have problems receiving mail. Though, when we go to the post office to mail packages to friends, the postie there thinks Ma is nuts because the return addy says "Oz the Terrier". Whatever. they should be happy we still send packages since email and internets have all but quashed snail mail.

  20. No wonder dogs and postmen don't get along!

  21. My postman and I don't get along either.

  22. Oh...the postemen getting all confused. Your letter was brilliant!


  23. We thought you were a high court judge in your wig Molly!
    The postman's IQ definitely seem to be getting smaller if a dog can outwit them, BOL.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  24. What a nice pressie you finally got from Brian. I can't wait to hear the Royal Mail's response. I do hope you get one.


  25. Your dragon is awesome!
    We're having problems with our packages for a while now...
    We don't like postmen...

    hugs and kisses!

    Kaiser & Farrusquinho

  26. Happy Wednesday! Aren't the boxes the postman brings simply the BEST?!?! We think EVERY package is for us!

    Zeus, Lola, Tut & Sophie

  27. That was a great package you got. too bad the postal people are so difficult. They should know how important you are!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  28. What a pawsome parcel!! Absolutely LOVE your letter!! And we're totally jealous of your new dragon!!

    Wally & Sammy

  29. That's typical of Royal Mail i got a parcel once it looked like the rats had been at it. Great letter and fantastic gift.


  30. :-/ Incredibly well written letter Molly, I hope that the postal service seriously look into their policies and come up with some sort of arrangement for all us pups, kittens, and ferrets who (indeed) get more mail than our servants! ;-) Fabulous package as well...I love my dragon too!

  31. That's a superb Dragon! We hope your Post Office bucks up. The next package might have treats and are certainly not supposed to sit at the Post Office for a whole week instead of being eaten!

  32. Oh yes, we would definitely write you great references:)

    Hey, that pink dragon looks familiar, but ours is missing all his guts and a few toes:( Hope yours meets a better fate or is that fortune?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  33. Hey Molly, we also would be glad to furnish references, how about a pic of Bites showing his Interpol Badge & Scotland Yard Certificate along with a written memo to the potal department!

    Your Pals
    The Mad Scots
    Officer Bites

  34. That package was definitely worth waiting for! Glad there wasn't anything perishable in it. Maybe your assistant can get a sworn statement from your veterinarian's office stating that she is authorized to act on your behalf. ;-)

    Susan and Wrigs

  35. You know over here I deal with a surly mailman every day. He grunts and sweats and is generally not a very nice man. I don't understand it, postal jobs here are sought after yet some of the people who have them do nothing but complain. They keep raising the price of stamps yet their deliveries are slow and now they want to stop providing their services on Saturdays.

    Tsk tsk I say!

  36. Great letter! And I love your address. Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  37. A pawfect letter. Surely they cannot refuse you now that they understand the situation can they? Oh, we LOVE your dragon!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  38. Abominable snowman? Oh no, Molly. More like the adorable snowman! Or snowpup? :)

  39. Looks like the package was well worth the inconvenience. You wear snow well. And yes, those corgis get it all!!! :-P

    Have a great day!

  40. We hope your post works this problem out. In Canada as long as the person picking up the package has ID with the same address, they can get it. So this wouldn't happen to us. What a great package. Lee and Phod

  41. What a great surprise to receive in the mail! Enjoy your new toy.

  42. Oh er, think Brian might be in for a doffing bless his paws.. cos if Frankie de tabby catches him around his patch.. Nah, I'm sure Brian can stand up for himself. Frankie de tabby is an ol pussycat :-)
    You give it to the post office with both paws Molls.......... We're wiv you.. and Brian :-) :-) x x x
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom and the cat !

  43. hahaha Molly your letter is perfect! I can't imagine them not taking notice to it! :p

  44. Molly-
    Glad you got your package. Happy reading and snuggling with your new toy and we love what you have done with your hair..BOL

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  45. I had that problem once when the P.O. held my Silvervine hostage. TW went the the P.O every day but she couldn't get it. Finally she spoke with our postman who was nice enough to deliver it to me. I recently won something from Kjelle Bus and I'm having him put c/o TW. Hope I get that.

  46. Sorry, Molly, you have to be good to the postman or you'll never get presents anymore. Here in Brazil the postman is always the same guy and he's our friend too. He sees me from the window and pets Barum even when he barks.
    Lovely gifts for a lovely cute girl!
    Licks from Pink

  47. Molly, I love your pressies and what a great use for those packing popcorns. I do hope you get some satisfaction from your letter. It simply is not right that you should have such problems. They need to learn what an international superstar you are.

    Loveys Sasha

  48. Obviously you need to send a copy of your new book to the post Cool toy you got! Love the pictures and "snow".

  49. Molly that has to be the cutest durn dragon I have ever seen :D Glad the post man finally delivered!

    Waggin at ya,

  50. Hey Molly, I missed this yesterday somehow. I sure am glad you got you book and am very happy you liked your dragon!!!

  51. Hi Molly,

    Oh what nonsense, like you have time for all this?! I'm lucky as most of my parcels come from UPS and they will let my Mum sign for me, lucky cos I don't just give out my pawtograph willy nilly!! :)

    Good luck with your letter,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  52. Great package! Rita's angel sister had a dragon like that, and she loved it!

    Your letter was very polite, I thought - especially considering the long-standing feud between dogs and postmen.