Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hog Blog A Pukka Problem

Molly The Wally & The Pukka Pies.

The Hot Pie Tax Rumbles On.

As the debacle of the new ‘Hot Pie Tax’ rumbles on the international community looks on in disbelief and many have checked their calendars' to make sure it’s not April 1st. Bizarrely if you now buy your pie below ambient temperature there will be no VAT. Retailers are predicting a surge of customers loitering around the shops until their pies go cold. Sweeney Todd has told reporters today that this tax is scandalous and he fears for his livelihood. He further stated that he would make sure George Osborne is eating humble pie by the end of the week. As a great lover of all things pie related I have signed the petition ‘By George, The Tax Is Too High On The Pie Oik’!


  1. It's enough to make a dog give up pies for good, but there again cold pie is better than no pie !

  2. Gideon George Oliver Osborne – ha ha Oik was his nickname at Oxford – Funny!